Asset Succession

You have not established a succession planning yet and do not know who shall receive your asset after your decease? Is your family sufficiently covered? Our experts would be pleased to advise you on your succession solution.

Asset succession: responsibility for the future?

Asset succession is a sensitive topic one tends to avoid, just because it usually deals with difficult decisions about inheritance. However, it is not only necessary, but also financially beneficial and emotionally liberating to regulate the asset succession on time.

Safely to the next generation

To distribute one’s goods and chattels to the relatives prudently and justly – that is everyone’s challenge in life. From the perspective of your family and proprietary situation, we will support you with the specification of your wishes and individual requirements. Our ambition is to develop and implement – together with you – the best possible structure of your asset succession in consideration of all legal implications.

Asset succession arranged: a comforting feeling

We help you with it and make sure that your asset goes into the next generation safely, whilst your pension scheme does not come off badly, too. Our comprehensive advice contains all aspects particularly from the law of succession, as well as civil, family and corporate law, which are relevant for you.

Amongst other, we offer you the setup of

  • donation and transfer agreements
  • testaments
  • contracts for the relinquishment of statutory shares
  • bequests
  • precautionary powers of attorney
  • corporate law succession solutions
  • living wills
  • private trusts

We create your individual prevention package in five steps

  • During a confidential first consultation, we obtain an overview of your existing financial situation, your family structure and already existing succession ideas on your side.
  • All information gathered during the first consultation will be analyzed by us, resulting in the creation of an asset succession concept containing all necessary documents (testament, bequest, corporate agreements etc.).
  • We will send you our concept together with the documents and accompanying explanations.
  • Upon request, we explain all further details during a personal conversation.
  • Hereafter, documents will be finalized, signed and archived for you in our client portal. We also take care of all necessary notifications and registrations (as, for example, registers of will).

If you wish to change your asset succession plan in the course of time, we are at your disposal at any time.